Top 5 Reasons To Visit Cape Town In Spring

Top 5 Reasons To Visit Cape Town In Spring

There isn’t any season that can compare with spring season in Cape Town! The city will come alive the moment the vibrant spring season starts. It’s bold, blissful, and full of beauty, adventure and natural scenery simply waiting to get discovered – How could you not want to explore and experience all the things it has to offer?

Here are the 5 reasons to visit Cape Town during spring!

1. Spring Season Is Flower Season

Spring Season Is Flower Season - Top 5 Reasons To Visit Cape Town In Spring

The Mother City’s colorful flower season is certainly among the reasons why you want to check out Cape Town during spring. Every spring, coming from September to October, Cape Town goes back to life while the Cape wildflowers cover up the Western Cape landscapes in a marvelous festivity of color. The wild unapologetic natural splendor of the Mother City’s flower season attracts people to travel coming from all across the globe to see Cape Town in full blossom. In case you’ve not encountered Cape Town’s marvelous spring flower season yet, you definitely should include it with your bucket-list right now!

2. Moderate Mediterranean Spring Climate

Among the Mother City’s primary attractions is her amazing year-round moderate Mediterranean climate, and this definitely is true to her spectacular spring season as well. Aside from the marvelous Cape wildflowers, panoramic surroundings and countless spring shenanigans, Cape Town’s blissful spring season climate is among the main reasons why spring is regarded as one of the Mother City’s greatest kept secrets.

A few of the finest days take place while in Cape Town’s spring season – cloudless, windless, and mild! The days likewise become much longer having beautiful day-time temperatures which range from 15°C – 29°C. This will be ideal for walking, outdoor discovering, adventuring as well as savoring a laid-back beach day or gorgeous night sunset beach walk.

3. Hiking, Adventure and Outdoor Discovering

Hiking, Adventure and Outdoor Discovering - Top 5 Reasons To Visit Cape Town In Spring

The beautiful moderate weather, rich green environment, spectacular floral scenery and lively spring energy which fills the air, causes springtime season in Cape Town the best moment to go outdoors, start on an epic adventure, and break an exciting experience from your bucket-list. Coming from trekking, paragliding, diving, and Sea Point Promenade biking to kloofing, skydiving, kayaking along with African Penguins and beach side walking, the Mother City converts it into the greatest outdoor adventure get away.

Springtime in the Mother City likewise signifies the season when all of the Cape fauna and flora are in complete bloom and also the Western Cape scenery change into a rich green heaven – there isn’t any much better time to discover all of Cape Town’s natural environment!

4. Whale and Marine Life Scene

Whale and Marine Life Scene - Top 5 Reasons To Visit Cape Town In Spring

Cape Town isn’t just among the most stunning and lively cities on earth, it features a flourishing marine life scene. The place to find the famous Marine Big 5, African Penguins, Dolphins, Southern Right Whales, Mola-Mola Sunfish, Cape Fur Seal and a whole lot more, viewing these spectacular ocean creatures on their natural habitat must unquestionably be on everyone’s Cape Town bucket-list.

So far among the main reasons to go to Cape Town in spring is the magnificent Southern Right Whale sightings tourists can enjoy. Cape Town’s perfect whale-watching season usually highs in between August and October, with peak calving season usually happening around August and September. Tourists therefore can visit for a great treat!

5. Shoulder Season In Cape Town

Shoulder Season In Cape Town - Top 5 Reasons To Visit Cape Town In Spring

Spring, similar to autumn, is recognized as among the Mother City’s shoulder seasons – It isn’t really the low season, nor it’s the hectic high season. Although you might not be capable of taking full benefit of Cape Town’s wild winter off-season special deals and insane offers and discounts, costs are still less and much more inexpensive compared to the Cape Town’s high season. Meaning you’ll still be capable to catch some impressive spring special offers and unbelievable bucket-list worthy deals – creating a memorable spring vacation in the Mother City.

As an extra reward is that you’ll miss all of the huge crowds which show up with Cape Town’s high summer season. This provides local people, tourists, and eager travelers the out of this world chance to discover all of Cape Town’s most famous and sought-after attractions, tourist destinations, and natural wonders without worrying about huge crowds, long lines, and outrageous traffic.