Big 5 South Africa Beers

Big 5 South Africa Beers

South Africa is well known due to the wines it makes. Having said that, only a few are aware that the craft beer scene in the country has found a boom during the last couple of years. Beer was given birth in the Fertile Crescent, however it was produced and perfected in Africa, the continent in which traditional brewing continues uninterrupted since that time. While the Greeks and Romans frowned on beer being a poor replacement for their fermented grape juice, African societies went on to brew and relish the rich and cultured drink whose attributes were designed to raise the drinker’s soul and without a doubt spice up a lot of the moonlit tribal gathering.

Big 5 South Africa Beers Cape Town

Right now, the South African beer marketplace is managed by South African Breweries (SAB), the 2nd biggest brewery all over the world. Aside from imported beers such as Heineken and Guinness, all of the major brand names on the country are operated and made by SAB. Their best-known and the most well-known beer is Castle Lager, that includes a warm and heady flavor. Having roughly 200 breweries and brands, the market is starting to become crowded and brewers are recognizing that they have to look for ways to help make their beers stand out. It’s not a secret that craft beer lovers are always in search of something totally new and local breweries are understanding that promoting local ingredients is a means to make their brands relevant and fresh.

The best way to taste South African beer would be to go to one of the several bars around Cape Town. Cape Town’s streets are lined up with so many pubs. At times, selecting your favorite beer from a big list of exquisite craft beers could be very difficult. So we’ve come up with the top 5 pints for you to try when going to Cape Town.

1. Cockpit Brewhouse Black Forest Stout

Cockpit Brewhouse Black Forest Stout

The Black Forest Stout is actually a limited edition beer, that is definitely not available all year long. This tastes just like cherries and chocolate. You could get this beer on the Cockpit Brewhouse. The proprietor André de Beer loves to test a lot, there’s always a fresh in season “big beer” for you to try out. They are offered in limited amounts along with his other staple beers.

2. Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse IPA

Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse IPA - Big 5 South Africa Beers

The bitterness of this particular beer isn’t for everyone’s preferences. However for the experienced beer drinker, the Devil’s Peak Pale Ale is definitely the number 1 go-to South African Brews choice. This beer is paired perfectly with strong cheese or spicy dishes.

3. Boston Breweries Van Hunks Pumpkin Ale

Devil’s Peak King’s Blockhouse IPA - Big 5 South Africa Beers

The Van Hunks Pumpkin Ale isn’t the only available flavor you could get of this beer. The flavors may differ for every batch and can include cinnamon, nutmeg, and butternut. This beer isn’t just infused with fairly sweet flavors, and also they test out spicy flavors.

4. Cape Brewing Company Amber Weiss

Cape Brewing Company Amber Weiss - Big 5 South Africa Beers

Filled with a banana fragrance, this beer is simply extraordinary. It’s a rich and creamy pint which could be savored any time of the day. No matter whether it’s during the afternoon along with nice finger foods or during the night time just before a night out. It’s a good complement for a light meal such as a salad or perhaps a sandwich.

5. Darling Brew Bone Crusher

Darling Brew Bone Crusher - Big 5 South Africa Beers

The Bone Crusher is really a full flavored Belgian-style beer. Having a special orange peel and coriander flavor, this simply leaves a relaxing zest in your taste buds just after having a sip. This beer is really great that you could even go it with an early morning meal. So, who says breakfast wasn’t suitable for beer?