Surfing Cape Town

The Best Beaches To Surf In Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the places in the world that has an abundance of surf spots. Before you consider going to Cape Town for surfing there are a number of things you need to consider since each surf spot has its own unique conditions. There are also some surf spots where locals are usually protective of, meaning not everyone may be allowed to access them. There are also some surf spots that are prone to shark attacks. This therefore means that you need to do a lot of research on the various surfing spots in Cape Town.
The best surfing spots in Cape Town include;

1. Muizenberg

This surfing spot is a very popular spot for learners and first time surfers. It is characterised of very gentle waves and has a north westerly wind direction. Therefore if you want to learn how to surf or you are a beginner in surfing, this is the ideal place to go.

2. Long Beach

As the name suggests, Long Beach is a long and sandy beach. The waves move both left and right hence it is ideal for a person who is a right leg dominated surfer or a left leg dominated surfer. The wave break is on a south west wind and is best suited for experienced surfers.

3. Scarborough Beach

This surfing spot has a breathtaking view and low levels of congestion. It is usually preferred during summer. It is also an ideal place for kite surfing and also flying kites. It is best suited for more advanced surfers.

4. Big Bay

Big bay surfing spot is suitable for surfers of any level. It is the best place when the wind is blowing towards the south east direction. It has friendly locals hence it is not restricted as compared to other surfing spots in Cape Town. In addition to being a surfing spot it also has a nice coffee shop right across the beach.

5. Glen Beach

This surfing spot is mostly ideal for non seasoned surfers. It is also a restricted surfing area as locals are very protective of it hence very unwelcoming to tourists. As much as it is highly protected it can also get very crowded since it is characterized by hollow and powerful waves. It is best suited for advanced surfers.

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6. Llandudno

Llandudno Beach Cape Town

This surfing spot is one of the most beautiful spots in the world, it is comprised of snow white sand, large rocks and crystal blue waters hence very spectacular and appealing to the eye. Aside from surfing it can also be an ideal place for a photo shoot. It mainly suited for intermediate surfers and advanced surfers.

7. Off The Wall

This is a surfing spot suitable for advanced surfers. This is because the waves are quite hollow and sometimes steep hence suitable for expert surfers. The wind tends to blow towards the south east direction.

8. Dunes

This is an ideal surfing spot for surfers who are adventurous since locating the beach break requires one to walk a thirty minutes distance. On a good surf day the waves are usually six feet high or eight feet high. It is most suitable for advanced surfers.

9. Crayfish Factory

This surfing spot has one of the heaviest waves which can go up to about fifteen feet high which is not suitable for a beginner or intermediate surfer. It is definitely preferred by advanced surfers.

10. Dungeons

This surfing spot is mainly preferred by tow surfers and not paddle surfers thus it is not a wave for amateur surfers. It is only meant for advanced and expert surfers who are courageous enough to battle with the waves.

If you ever find yourself in Cape Town, enjoy these and more surfing places on the beach.

What are some of the best beaches to surf in Cape Town

Cape Town has some amazing surf spots and beaches to explore. Why not try one of these: Muizenberg, Long Beach, Scarborough Beach, Big Bay, Glen Beach, Llandudno, Off The Wall, Dunes ( Noordehoek ), Crayfish factory, Dungeons ( Big Wave Surfing )

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